Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Soulful in Ink" plus Newsletter update

Soulful in Ink
Joining my gallery at Daily Paintworks today is my original pen & ink portrait, "Soulful in Ink".  Just prior to working on this piece, I had completed an earlier version titled just "Soulful", which was a scratchboard rendering.  As soon as I completed the scratchboard version, I knew that I wanted to try it in ink as well. I did, however, approach this from a different angle.  Rather than work in  the stippling, or pointillism technique that I often use, I worked most of this portrait with an ink brush, using a pen only at the end of the process, to add some layers of depth using cross-hatch strokes.  The scratchboard version was done on a small, 5" x 7" piece of scratchboard, while this Pen & Ink version measures out at 8" x 10", and was completed on an 11" x 14" sheet of Bristol Board paper.  Once I had the outline in place, the heavy areas of black were brushed in first.  Then I worked the face from the eyes out, trying to capture the "soulful" essence of the image, hence the title.  As usual, the link beneath the image will take you over to the auction at Daily Paintworks if you would like to participate in the auction.  Once there, you can navigate through to any of the other original renderings listed at auction. Each page will have information about the current bids, if any, and the duration of the auction.  Once I take a piece out of auction, it will be listed with a Buy It Now from PayPal option at a fixed price. Anyone interested in purchasing prints or note card packages should visit my website or my Etsy Shop or FineArtAmerica Gallery.  The links for all provided in the side panel. 

In other news, I've been mentioning all week that the Art from the Inkwell Monthly Newsletter will be going on hiatus for awhile, possibly to be retired permanently.  I've been finding that through the various Social Media outlets available, like Facebook and Twitter, as well as all of the online storefronts and galleries that I participate in, plus this blog, an email service for newsletters, etc. is not really necessary.  Everything that I was posting on a monthly basis in the newsletter, I can accomplish on a daily basis through the blog, and hopefully keep it fresher and possibly even more engaging to my friends and readers.  My Artist of the Month feature will likely expand to Artist of the Week, and quite possibly Artist of the Day.  I really enjoy searching for new artists to shine the spotlight on and introducing them to a new audience, while at the same time, providing my fans and readers, etc. artists' work that they may otherwise never know is out there.  And with all of these sites that I participate in, there is an unending supply of artists and artwork to feature.  So, I hope you'll continue to follow along, enjoying my artwork as well as that of the other artists that I feature here.  Any "Likes" and recommendations are greatly appreciated, and please feel free to forward the blog to friends and family and even folks you don't particularly care that much for.  You never know when someone may stumble upon that one piece of artwork that they just can't live without.

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