Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catch up time again!

Charles Bronson
Seems like I'm always playing catch-up with this blog, so here we go again.  First of all, you'll notice the new gadget in the right-hand panel.  This will introduce you to the latest addition to my online galleries - Daily Paintworks. As I post artwork there, they will be added to the flash video, giving the blog a good teaser to the artwork.  The big difference with this site is that it is devoted to Original Artwork Only.  No prints or note cards.  This opens up quite a few options for marketing my artwork.  I can set up a "PayPal Buy It Now" URL, and list the asking price for the piece.  I can also list it in the Daily Paintworks auction, which I can run for anywhere from 3 - 7 days.  I can even cross-post over to the eBay auction. Once the auction is over, if it hasn't sold, I can re-list it at auction again, or move it over to the Buy It Now status, and rotate it back and forth as much as I want until it sells.  The first piece listed at auction is pictured here:  "Charles Bronson".  The link below the image will take you over to the auction page where you can get in on the fun.  Teaser Alert:  typically, these auctions start at much lower prices than what the usual asking price or commission rate is for original art.  So, if there is something you've had your eye on for awhile, now is a great time to check out the auction. "Charles Bronson" has about two more days left in the initial auction.  As you can probably guess, I'm already behind in posting the pieces listed in the auction, so I'll continue my catch-up mode here and post thumbnails (to save space) of the other originals already listed in the auction, with links to their auction pages.

Eagles in Ink
Castle Hill Lighthouse

So, there you have it, at least for now.  You'll notice some additional images in the Daily Paintworks flash video.  These are images I've posted to my Daily Paintworks Gallery, but they haven't been listed for auction yet.  Fear not!  Over the coming days, as they rotate into the field, I'll post them here with links to their auction pages.  I guess this is one way for me to finally keep up with this blog on a much more consistent basis. 

Finally, as I stated earlier, Daily Paintworks is for Original Artwork Only!  So if you don't see one of your favorites posted here, that means it was probably a commissioned piece or one that I've already sold.  Prints and note card packages will still be available on my website, Etsy Shop, or FineArtAmerica Gallery.

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