Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Alaskan Malamute" plus a little yardwork!

Well, I must say one thing for Daily Paintworks, it sure has helped me to become much more disciplined regarding my blog posts!  I used to post one every once in awhile, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month. I think I made it to two or three posts in a week maybe once or twice over the past three years. And then there would be lapses of weeks at a time without posting.  Sometimes even months would go by between my posts.  It's been a little over a week since I joined Daily Paintworks, and believe it or not, I've made a blog posting everyday since joining.  I think I can make it to two weeks running, which would bring me to Tuesday of next week, without any problems.  I mention this now because I know my streak will soon be ending.  Oh well.  I'll be on vacation in Florida next week, visiting my family, so I may not be making any posts until I return.  I may be able to sneak a few in during our visit, but more than likely, I'll be busy with other things, like visiting with the family, maybe going to the beach, taking a side trip up to Cocoa Beach to visit with some of Fran's family, and hopefully, getting in a round of golf.  But fear not, once I return, I plan to start a new streak.

Alaskan Malamute
For now, let's keep the current streak going with today's entry in my Daily Paintworks auction, "Alaskan Malamute".  This is an original pen & ink portrait found, naturally enough, in my Pets Gallery, at least on my website and at FineArtAmericaEtsy and Daily Paintworks do not have specific categories that I can plug in, so you just need to do a little scrolling to find it.  That is, of course, if you are interested in prints or note card packages.  The posting at Daily Paintworks is for original art only, and as usual, I'm starting this off at auction, before posting a Buy It Now through PayPal price to it. The link beneath the image will take you over to the auction page, and there are links in the side panel for my website and other online storefronts and galleries. 

Now, since the weather seems to be cooperating a little today, the yard is calling!  There is a lot to catch up on before our trip next week, and I think I'm even getting into a rhythm about balancing yardwork with the rest of the daily necessities of keeping up all of these online shops and galleries, blog posts, Facebook, website, and on and on.  The initial clean up after the Winter is the biggest thing.  Yesterday was burn day for all of the accumulated yard debris over the past few months - fallen tree limbs, Christmas trees, leaves, etc. Today, I'll be prepping the garden beds for planting next month, and cleaning out the weeds from the other flower beds, etc.  I should post some before and after photos, but we'll see.

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