Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Geronimo" March's Artist of the Month

Today's entry in my Daily Paintworks auction is "Geronimo", an original pen & ink portrait from my Faces West Gallery.  This rendering was completed  using the stippling, or pointillism technique, with black and brown inks, which gives the portrait a sepia-like look, sort of like the old tintype photographs.

Geronimo was born in 1829 in what is today western New Mexico, but was then still Mexican Territory.  Embittered by the murder of his family by Mexican troops in 1858, Geronimo and his band of guerrilla warriors ferociously fought and terrorized intruders entering Apache lands of the Southwest.  In 1875, all Apaches west of the Rio Grande were ordered to the San Carlos Reservation.  Geronimo escaped from the reservation, and for more than a decade, managed to elude the troops who gave chase.  When Geronimo finally surrendered in 1886, he was the leader of the last American Indian fighting force to finally capitulate to the United States. 

The link beneath the image will take you over to the Daily Paintworks auction page.  Once again, Daily Paintworks is strictly for the sale of original artwork.  If you are interested in ordering prints or note card packages of any of the work you see there, please visit my website, or any of my other online storefronts or galleries.  The links to these sites are located in side panel.  In particular, you may want to check out my Etsy Shop or FineArtAmerica Gallery to take advantage of the specials I am running on these sites through the end of the month.

Flower Girl
Yesterday's featured Artist of the Month (for February) listing was Dirk Dzimirsky, from Germany, and continuing my International theme again for March, allow me to introduce you to Natasha (Natalia) Denger, originally from Ekaterinburg City, in the Ural region of Russia. Natasha has been living in the US for the past 12 years, and has been a member of FineArtAmerica since July of 2012.  Art is Natasha's passion, and she has been drawing/painting ever since she was 8 years old.  She has many small sized original drawings and paintings, which make great gifts for any occasion, and as you can see, the work is realistic, finely detailed and carefully finished.  

Pictured here are some examples of her work.  Flower Girl was completed in Graphite, while Cold Stare was done in Charcoal Pencils on Canson paper and Owl Drawing was done in Colored Pencils.  Click on the images to view the larger versions of the artwork.  The link in the title above will take you over to her Profile page at FineArtAmerica.  Many of Natasha's original drawings/paintings are for sale, and you can contact her directly through FineArtAmerica if something strikes your fancy.  She also accepts commissions for original pet/people portraits.  Here are links to some of Natasha's other galleries/storefronts.

Cold Stare
Owl Drawing

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