Friday, March 22, 2013

"Eyes of War" and more.....

Eyes of War
Today's entry in my Daily Paintworks auction is the original graphite portrait, "Eyes of War".  The link under the image will click through to the auction page over at Daily Paintworks.  You can check on the other current auctions from this page as well.  I'm running each auction for 5 days (at least for now), and each auction page will let you know how many days are left in that particular auction.  At the end of each auction period, if the piece hasn't sold, I'll have the option to re-list it again, or post a "Buy It Now" button through PayPal.  Some originals that I post will go directly to the "Buy It Now" status with a fixed price, while others will start off as auction items.  I'm just getting the hang of this site, so I'll be experimenting a little as I go along.  Anyway, since I have a lot of originals in my portfolio, it will be an ongoing work in progress getting them all listed here.  Plus, I'm always working on new pieces.  I now have three new pieces that I need to get scanned so I can start posting them to my various online storefronts and galleries.  So stay tuned!

As part of my catch-up mode from yesterday, I'll take the next few days to also play catch-up with my recent "Artist of the Month" selections from the Art from the Inkwell Monthly Newsletter.  In December, I posted a Year in Review blog, featuring all twelve of the selected artists from 2012.  You can always check out previous blog postings through any current blog that you happen to be reading. I should mention here that I will putting the Art from the Inkwell Monthly Newsletter into "sleep" mode for awhile, which means that this month's issue (March) will actually be the last one for awhile.  Since I will be much more diligent regarding the blog, it just seems that there is quite a bit of overlap and duplication of efforts, so I will be streamlining.  Since I really enjoy introducing my friends and readers to the work of other artists, look for "Artist of the Month" to be a regular feature of this blog.  In fact, with so many other sites that I participate in, I may adapt that concept into "Artist of the Week".  Plus, any specials that I am running through my Etsy Shop or FineArtAmerica Gallery, can just as easily be posted here as in the newsletter, and since everything goes directly to my Facebook and Twitter pages, it just seems that a little consolidation is a good idea.  So, without any further ado, let's get to the previously featured Artist of the Month for January:  Beth Wold.

Cheetah Wildlife Art
Beth is a fellow Etsy Shop owner, and I noticed her stunning wildlife photography portraits as I prepared for the January newsletter.  I immediately added her to my Circle and Favorites list.  Although Beth currently calls Grand Forks, North Dakota home, she grew up in South Africa, and her love of wildlife and nature was inspired by family vacations at Kruger National Park.  

Beth spotted her first Leopard when she was 5 years old, and has been obsessed with big cats ever since. Beth is mostly self-taught with photography - through obsessive reading and research, but she also has attended the University of North Dakota to obtain her photography degree and graduated in December, 2012. Click on the images below to view the full-size versions in her Etsy Shop, or click on the title above to go to the main page of the Etsy Shop.  Beth has a second Etsy shop:  Photography Source  and you can also see more of her work on her website:  Wold Photography 

Wolf Wall Art
Leopard Wall Art

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