Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Introducing Sonny Perschbacher

Old Steam Engine
Well, I finally made it!  I'm all caught up with the neglected posts of the past few months. And while I haven't had anything particularly thought provoking or interesting to report here, hopefully I have presented a nice array of very talented artists and some incredible artwork for your appreciation. This latest entry in my recent "Artist of the Month" selections, which brings us to the current, November artist, is Sonny Perschbacher, a retired architect, and graduate of Kansas State University School of Architecture in 1967. 

Generally, as I start to prepare for each months' edition of the newsletter, I'll start off by checking in on the groups I belong to at FineArtAmerica, and this month was no exception to that strategy.  The membership at FAA is massive, and narrowing the search to my specific groups can still be quite an undertaking, since there may be anywhere from 25 - 1000 artists participating in a specific group.  But there, on the very first page of the "Ink" group, I saw this incredible rendering of the "Old Steam Engine" chugging along through a mountain pass, and knew my search would be a quick one this time around.

Sonny  had practiced for some 40 years before retiring in 2008. During that time, he produced numerous residential projects as well as a considerable number of architectural renderings.  Lately, Sonny has been branching out, creating works in pencil, pastels, and watercolors. His pen and ink works have been ongoing for a number of years and he has done several very time-consuming "pointillism" (dots only - no lines) pieces (i.e. trains, clipper ships).  As someone who works in ink, using the pointillism technique, I am amazed at Sonny's attention to detail and accuracy.  To fully appreciate his work, click on the images here to see the full-size versions in his FineArtAmerica Gallery.  The link above in the first paragraph will take you to his Profile page, and here is a link to his website as well:  Sonny Perschbacher - Artist
Water Wheel
Mountain Home in Watercolor

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Introducing Mark Treick

Pinot Adoration
All right!  I'm almost there.  I've been working on some Social Campaigns for my Facebook Fans, and then took a week off to go to Wisconsin for my Father-in-law's 80th birthday, but now I'm back and want to catch up on those previously neglected blog posts.  Back in October, my "Artist of the Month" was one of my fellow FineArtAmerica contributors, Mark Treick (pronounced "trike", like a tricycle), so I'll use this Post to shine the spotlight on him once again.  Mark is a graphite artist, and received his degree in drawing from the University of Central Washington, in Ellensburg, WA. Although Mark works with a wide range of subject matter for his renderings, including pet and people portraits, his lifelike drawings from a wine drinkers perspective caught my eye as I was searching for  October's  featured artist.  Perhaps that's because Fran &  I venture out on a few wine-tasting excursions each year, sampling the fruits of the vine here in Oregon and also in Washington, but I digress.  Mark's focus is on the life of wine drinkers, and the wine drinking and wine-making world they work and live in, playing with the images and reflections that creep into his subjects' surfaces.  Click on the image titles here in this post  to view the full-size versions.  Here is the link for Mark's FineArtAmerica Profile Page


Huddle Before Play

If  you'd like to see more of Mark's work or inquire about a commissioned drawing, you can visit Mark's website at:  Mark's Drawing Portraits.  

My next Post will bring me completely up to date, as I feature the artwork of  Sonny Perschbacher, so stay tuned for that one!

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Introducing Scott Woyak

Okay, it's time for round 2 in my effort to catch up on neglected blog posts over the past few months.  Hope everyone enjoyed the artwork of Lesley Barrett in my post from last week.  Today's post brings us up to the month of September, when my Artist of the Month was Scott Woyak. 

Scott is a fellow Pen & Ink artist that I came across at FineArtAmerica, and I really like his work.  What I find fascinating is that although Scott discovered that he could draw while in high school, he felt that he was even better at math and science, and that is the road that he traveled. He has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, and has spent most of his life thinking about numbers, equations and software code, always thinking that he would get back to drawing some day.  Marriage, kids, a "real job" and life in general kept him pretty busy, and finally, when he turned 40, he realized that "some day" wasn't going to get any closer unless he took the steps to get there.  So he started drawing again in his spare time, and has been averaging 1 - 2 drawings per month for the past few years.  I believe that he has built up a pretty impressive portfolio during that time, and would like to share it with my readers.  Here are a few examples of Scott's work.  As usual, click on the images to view the larger versions at his FineArtAmerica Gallery, and the link in the title above will take you to his Profile page.  He also posts to Flickr.com and ImageKind.com, and is a regular contributor to the forums at WetCanvas.com.

Black Panther