Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello again!

Ocelot Dreaming
Whew! It's been awhile.  Just noticed that my last post was back in July.  Guess I've had a pretty busy Summer. But now that November is almost here and looking out my studio window looks a lot like the background image of this blog, I'll have much more time indoors to work on this sort of thing.  Let's start off by catching up on some of my featured Artist of the Month selections over the past few months.  I think you're going to love this first one - Lesley Barrett, Scratchboard Artist, my featured artist for the month of August.     

Mmm. Are These Legs All Mine!
Lesley is mostly self-taught in the medium of Scratchboard, and is a member of the Australian Guild of Realist Artists and the International Society of Scratchboard Artists. Most of her work features animals, both domestic and wildlife.  Upon visiting her website, it's easy to see that her passion for preserving these beautiful animals is as intense as her talent is in depicting them!  Here are a few examples of Lesley's amazing scratchboards.  The Ocelot Dreaming image is the one that hooked me on her Facebook page. I hope you will take some time to drop by her website and visit with the rest of her portfolio.  I've also provided a link to her Facebook page in case you want to get over there and "Like" it.   

Over the past few months, as people have bee "Liking" my Facebook page, and I've been "Liking" theirs back, I was introduced to Lesley Barrett, Scratchboard Artist.  I immediately knew who was going to be my  featured Artist of the Month for August.  I think when you visit her website and see her body of work, you will be blown away, as I was!  Seeing as how Lesley lives in Australia, I doubt our paths would ever have crossed without the World Wide Web and this social media thing called Facebook.  Click on any of the images to go over to Lesley's website, and there is a link in previous paragraph to her Facebook page.  Enjoy!
Snow Leopard
Penny for Your Thoughts.