Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Back in the Saddle again!

Out of the Shadows
Whew! I didn't realize it has been almost 6 months since my last post!  Talk about a busy summer around the old homestead, tending to the property, the gardens, the dogs, etc., etc.  So now I face the daunting task of trying to get back up to speed with all of my online storefronts/galleries.  Let's see, I found out today that 25 of my Etsy Shop listings had expired.  That was job #1.  Oops, 6 months behind on blog postings - working on it.  As many as 15 messages from my various groups on FineArtAmerica - working on it.  No pins on Pinterest during this time either - working on it.  CafePress has a whole new look and easier flow to it since May, and I want to try and update my storefront there as well.  And the big kahuna - revamping my website!  Now, that one will definitely take some dedicated effort and concentration.  Started working with WordPress back in the Spring, but wasn't overly thrilled with the progress at the point when work stopped.  It's soon enough in the process to re-evaluate and possibly start over if necessary.  In either case, this will probably be my main focus over the upcoming months.  And, of course, there's the blog.  The plan is to get back to it now, if not every day, at least three times per week.  I'll keep everyone posted on progress on all of the other fronts, as well as continue with my Artist of the Day features.  Just in the past day or so that I've been starting to get back into the flow, I've noticed a lot of great artwork by many different artists through FineArtAmerica, and Etsy, ArtFlakes, etc., so look for those posts during the upcoming months.  I also have about 5 new pieces to scan and add to my various portfolios, and I look forward to introducing them to everyone in the near future.  For now, in keeping with the title of this first post, here are a few of my horse renderings to get the ball rolling.  You've probably seen them before and already know the drill, but click on the links under each portrait to go to their respective pages in my FineArtAmerica Gallery, and from there feel free to visit the other galleries on the site.


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