Monday, January 23, 2012

Artist of the Every Other Day (or whatever)

Draft Horse in Harness
As I try to put more time into these blog posts, the problem always arises as to what to write about.  Occasionally, I'll post new artwork that I've completed, as with last weeks' post of "Buffalo Bill Cody".  And of course, I'll post information about specials that I'm running in my Etsy Shop or on my FineArtAmerica Gallery.  With that in mind, there is still one week left in this months' specials, and I'll give out that info at the end of this post.  But, as I've stated before, there's only so much self-promotion that I feel comfortable doing. If it gets to be tedious for me, I can imagine that it is for my readers as well.  On occasion, I'll post a "Rant of the Day", but generally speaking, that has a tendency to make my head want to explode, particularly when my rant involves politics. So I'll save that for really special rants.  I also enjoy posting info about places I've been to on my travels, or concerts I've attended and my favorite groups, like Pink Martini and The Trail Band

Painted Beauty
Now, in my Art from the Inkwell Monthly Newsletter, I have a feature, "Artist of the Month", where I shine the spotlight on other artists who may be in my circle of friends, whether they be personal friends, or colleagues through my social networks.  I've done that on occasion here in this blog also, and henceforth, plan to make that a regular feature, starting today.  The title says it all,  for now.  Since I don't post daily, I can't really call it "Artist of the Day".  Even "Artist of the Every Other Day" may be stretching it, so feel free to fill in the blank accordingly.  In any event, I hope to introduce my readers to other artists and online shop owners they might not be aware of, while at the same time expanding the circle of influence and potential customers for those same artists and online shop owners.  

Head Rest
Today the spotlight shines on the Equine Art of Cindy Price McMurray, internationally collected and award winning artist. The images here serve as your introduction to her Etsy Shop. The links under each image will take you to that page in her shop, where you can see the larger version of each piece.  You can also visit with Cindy at her website:   According to her bio, Cindy has always felt a connection with horses, and I think that is quite evident in the body of work.  Although horses have been here favorite subject, she also specializes in portraits of dogs, birds, deer and any animal that catches her fancy.  I hope you enjoy Cindy's work as much as I do.

Now, as to the final week of the specials I'm running this month, if you'd like to receive 10% OFF any purchase at my Etsy Shop, simply enter the Coupon Code:  BOOC00 upon check-out.  Over at FineArtAmerica, I'm also offering 10% OFF through the end of the month. Simply enter the Discount Code:  UMUVEL upon check-out.  FineArtAmerica offers a wide variety of matting and framing options, and this discount applies only to the artwork purchased, not any additional services or options you select.

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