Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill Cody
Hunter, Scout, Indian Fighter, Showman; Buffalo Bill romanticized the West in his Wild West Show that toured through the Eastern U.S. and Europe.  William Frederick Cody got his nickname when he was contracted by the Kansas Pacific Railroad after the Civil War to supply the workers with buffalo meat. He proceeded to kill 4,280 American bison in an eighteen month period during 1867-68.  Still, another buffalo hunter, named Bill Comstock, claimed the name as well, so they competed in a buffalo-shooting match to determine who would have exclusive rights to use the name.  Cody won by killing 69 to Comstock's 48. 

"Buffalo Bill Cody" is the latest addition to my "Faces West" Gallery, and you'll be able to find him not only on my website, but also my FineArtAmerica Gallery, Etsy Shop and Three Sister's Marketplace.  Links are provided in side panel. Plus, you can get 10% OFF at the Etsy Shop and FineArtAmerica Gallery through the end of the month. Simply enter the Coupon Code:  BOOC00 upon check-out at the Etsy Shop, and Discount Code:  UMUVEL at the FineArtAmerica Gallery.

This portrait was rendered in Pen & Ink, using the stippling, or pointillism technique. I used Rapidograph pens of various sizes to complete the portrait.  Sizes ranged from (3 x 0) to (4) in diameter. Not quite sure what measurement they refer to.  Only that the smaller the size, the smaller the dot, naturally.  The (3 x 0) is equivalent to .25 something or other, while the (4) is equivalent to 1.20 something or other (probably mm). I used the larger diameter pens to fill in most of the background, or darkest areas. Then I used the smaller sizes for finer detailed areas like the face and coat.  I also used the smaller sizes to do some extra fill in the background, and to blend the rim of his hat into the shaded area.

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