Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Introducing Mark Treick

Pinot Adoration
All right!  I'm almost there.  I've been working on some Social Campaigns for my Facebook Fans, and then took a week off to go to Wisconsin for my Father-in-law's 80th birthday, but now I'm back and want to catch up on those previously neglected blog posts.  Back in October, my "Artist of the Month" was one of my fellow FineArtAmerica contributors, Mark Treick (pronounced "trike", like a tricycle), so I'll use this Post to shine the spotlight on him once again.  Mark is a graphite artist, and received his degree in drawing from the University of Central Washington, in Ellensburg, WA. Although Mark works with a wide range of subject matter for his renderings, including pet and people portraits, his lifelike drawings from a wine drinkers perspective caught my eye as I was searching for  October's  featured artist.  Perhaps that's because Fran &  I venture out on a few wine-tasting excursions each year, sampling the fruits of the vine here in Oregon and also in Washington, but I digress.  Mark's focus is on the life of wine drinkers, and the wine drinking and wine-making world they work and live in, playing with the images and reflections that creep into his subjects' surfaces.  Click on the image titles here in this post  to view the full-size versions.  Here is the link for Mark's FineArtAmerica Profile Page


Huddle Before Play

If  you'd like to see more of Mark's work or inquire about a commissioned drawing, you can visit Mark's website at:  Mark's Drawing Portraits.  

My next Post will bring me completely up to date, as I feature the artwork of  Sonny Perschbacher, so stay tuned for that one!

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