Friday, March 02, 2007

Back again! Umpqua River Lighthouse

Well, I certainly didn't think that over 3 months would slide by between posts, but it sure has. Now I've forgotten everything that I was just getting the hang of and will have to start all over again. It has definitely been a busy 3 months. I did a number of Holiday shows, culminating in the Best of the Northwest at the Portland Convention Center in December, and then right after the Holidays, jumped into the Portland Gift Show, also at the Convention Center. This proved to be a very good show for me, as I was picked up by Made in Oregon, the largest local retailer in the state (not counting the national chains). As a matter of fact, I'm getting their first order ready to ship now. Anyway, to get things rolling again, today's post will be of one of the lighthouses that I completed during the past 3 months, which now completes my series of nine Oregon Coast Lighthouses. I'll post the complete series over the next week or so.

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